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Let the brides speak

“A real professional, the best possible, and in the end sublime photos. We had a particular project and we really needed a quality photographer. We selected Thomas after a long process of sorting, first by analyzing the online books and then talking on the phone with the preselected photographers. Our final choice was Thomas, and we were not disappointed, he was even better than we expected. Thomas is first and foremost a wedding photographer who knows this particular job perfectly: a smiling and charming young man who carries with him his good humor and his infectious "joie de vivre", he is discreet, he is everywhere and nowhere, allowing guests to keep the naturalness that makes the photos so beautiful. He is then a real professional, tireless on the evening, juggling with various devices with dexterity, playing with the lights with finesse, and who captures the eye, the little emotion, the smile, the magic moment, without ever the denature or break it. Finally, it was very effective after the wedding, providing the photos before the deadlines, available online, with printing options at a very reasonable price, flexibility for their use. And most importantly, the photos were "SU-BLIMES", especially for me (the bride) who feared a little to find me in the photos! We were among the many who hesitated to put money in a photographer, while all the guests always take pictures, that friends sometimes offer to do it ... but there is really no comparison on the result with the work of a professional who is used to weddings. If you want beautiful photo memories, it's really something else. Thank you Thomas for engraving these memories on film so beautifully, you really deserve such a commendation.”


“We were very satisfied with the results! Thomas has captured with his lens everyone’s emotions, on the spot! And that's what we were looking for! Today, we leave with wonderful memories! A big thank you to him for his work and his generosity that is reflected in his photos!”


“A nice meeting with Thomas, who has shown great professionalism. We felt very comfortable immediately. He created an unanimous opinion along our guests. We have a lot of pictures because he managed to capture every moment, while being very discreet.”


“Very professional, very kind and not oppressive, we came to forget his presence and the photos are sublime because they are natural. In addition, the photo editing is done perfectly and all the many pictures are sent very quickly. I recommend Thomas to anyone who does not like the oppressive inquisitions of the usual photographers.”