5 (good) reasons to do an engagement session

8 February 2019

1. To get to know your photographer better

The first goal of an engagement session is to discover your photographer, this "stranger", before your wedding. He will follow you all day long so it is necessary to meet him to feel as comfortable as possible on the wedding day.

2. To enjoy an accomplice moment without any stress

This point is very important, such a photo shooting will allow you to enjoy a special moment without the fright of the wedding. These moments will help you to gain confidence in your photographer and in his way of sublimating and guiding you. This is essential for me and I attach a particular attention to this shooting. I even often ask the grooms to "get involved" and tell me what pictures would be great for them. In a word, during that day, ENJOY!

3. To create golden memories

Pictures made during the preparation of your wedding will keep a special place for you. They will build you timeless memories and it is likely that they will become framed memories that you will love to contemplate while wandering in your "Home Sweet Home".

4. To appear natural, "as you are"

Far from the groom's suit and the bride's dress, beautiful but a bit unnatural, this session will allow you to show you as you are, without artifice, or almost! It will still be important to choose together the location and the shooting schedule and the dress theme for perfect memories.

5. To create your "Save the date" or your wedding invitations

If you opt for an engagement session several months in advance, do not hesitate to "stage" your wedding proposal or an animation for your guests (for example the announcement of the theme of the wedding). The photos taken on this occasion will be perfect for a "Save The Date" or your wedding invitations.